If my name sounds familiar to you... it's probably because it's a pretty common one.

But it might also be because of my demos.

I joined CodePen at the end of June 2012, mostly because it was an aesthetically pleasing online playground that would let me test little JS games and algorithms in real time. Which may come as a bit of a surprise to those who are only familiar with my much more popular CSS-only demos, but... yes, my first CodePen demos were JavaScript ones! And I continued doing JavaScript demos, both utility and visual ones with canvas or SVG. I've also dabbled into WebGL, but, for the most part, I haven't had the hardware for that. Until now.

More than four years later, my account has about 4.5K followers, which makes it the second most followed CodePen account behind the mighty Chris Coyier. I have over 1.5K public pens. These have received over 2.8M views and over 32K hearts in total. About 20% of these pens got featured on the main page, which is pretty cool considering a lot of them were meant to be just bug reports or intermediate steps in a step by step explanation of something I've dedicated an article to.

I've always had a feel for science subjects in school and being good with that kind of stuff made me enjoy it and explore it further in my spare time. Which is what I also did through my pens. There's Geometry (a lot of it even), there's Physics, there's Chemistry or utility pens making use of first year Calculus (Taylor series).

And the way I write code, the algorithms I come up with, these reflect what I learned in electronics classes (Fundamentals of Circuit Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Programmed Logic Systems, Data Transmission and especially Integrated Circuits).

There are also demos that explain various concepts, whether we're talking about coding or about mathematical ones.

My work also includes coding interface elements. Sadly, the most popular of these ended up being a huge collection of sliders, almost all of which are now broken due to recent changes in browsers.

I sometimes fork and try to improve or completely redo with different techiques demos that other people have done.