Writing is a really difficult one for me because I've never been any good with words.

During elementary school, my mother wrote all my compositions. All but one, which I got back with a note saying I don't like it! You can write beautiful compositions!. Oh, teach, those weren't mine, but fine, have it your way... I was the best when it came to science subjects, so never wasted my time with humanities again. It's easy to love the things you're always winning at and hate those you're useless with.

But I've managed to write a few articles over the years for CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine and more. I also gave talks in the past. Usually very visual ones, with with a lot of live coding. Because showing is a lot easier than explaining with words. Especially for someone like me.

Anyway, here is a list of articles, talks and more (left out everything not available online and free):